Hideo Kojima Gives More Info on How He Develops Games; Warns Against Mistranslations of His Words

Hideo Kojima Gives More Info on How He Develops Games; Warns Against Mistranslations of His Words

Hideo Kojima has been talking about the way he develops games lately, and today he elaborated further on the topic on Twitter, giving us an overview of all the tasks he performs on his own.

“Thinking the planning, making a budget and schedule, attracting the staff, [creating] the view of the world, the story, the game design, determining the title and the key art, all the while writing the specifics and screenplay, giving instructions on the field, production, adjustment, editing the teasers and the trailers, also working on the copy and promotion. Also, how to take care of the copy and promotion. Of course, [there is] also publicity. This is my game.”

So, Creating a game intensively (production, planning, supervision, game design, performance, editing, etcetera), more than one thing at the same time is honestly difficult. However, I entrust producer work and title planning to people I have known for a long time, so it’s ok [to work] in paralel. While production and supervision are carried out without affecting my own game.

At D.I.C.E. Kojima-san also spoke in quite a few interviews, but he warned about mistranslations and misinterpretations of his words due to having to speak through an interpreter.

“I was interviewed abroad. Through an interpreter nuance is difficult to convey, especially if one is not native in both languages. Articles written subjectively by the reporter are published. Some have deviated from our real intention at this point in time. Those articles have been also mistranslated in Japan. Also, every time there are headlines with altered content to make money on the number of hits.”

Those who check out the Japanese blogosphere often are probably aware of this problem. There are many cases in which Japanese blogs relay western interviews without much attention for the quality of the translations, often providing an exaggerated version of what is said. That’s actually a product of the radical differences between the Japanese language and English.

Even when the translation is somewhat accurate, you end up having a translation of a translation, since Kojima-san speaks in Japanese, an interpreter translates what he says in English, and then the Japanese outlets translates back into Japanese, and that often leads to misinterpretation.