Hideo Kojima Isn’t Thinking About Death Stranding 2 Yet; He Might if People Demand a Sequel

Hideo Kojima Isn’t Thinking About Death Stranding 2 Yet; He Might if People Demand a Sequel

Hideo Kojima talked about the possibility of a sequel to Death Stranding, and about the fact that he isn't thinking about it, for the moment.

During a stage event from RTX Sydney, Death Stranding Director Hideo Kojima was asked if he is already thinking about a sequel to his upcoming game.

At the moment, Kojima-san isn’t thinking about Death Stranding 2. That said, if people like the first game, it becomes popular, and everyone asks for a sequel, he might think about it at that time.

During the event, Kojima-san also mentioned that he never really held back anything from his games in order to implement those elements in a follow-up. He just tries to put in each game everything that he can, so that when it comes out, he doesn’t have any regrets.

He never thinks about having a chance to create a sequel of a game that he is working on at a given time. For him it’s all about making a complete product for the time being.

Talking about sequels, Kojima-san explained that he feels the need to change things when he creates a sequel to a game. If he keeps everything the same, all the fans of the first game will be satisfied, but there will be no progress either for the developer or the fans.

By changing things around, he might lose half of the fans, but he might also gain the same percentage of new ones, and he would always choose that option over keeping things the same. While he is working on a series, he feels the need to always reevaluate the systems, the characters and more, otherwise the series will be no good. That’s what he has done with Metal Gear Solid 2.

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