Hideo Kojima Says He Won’t be Attending The Game Awards 2018, But Can We Trust Him?

Hideo Kojima Says He Won’t be Attending The Game Awards 2018, But Can We Trust Him?

Kojima has told fans that he won't be at The Game Awards tonight, but in a career filled with plenty of trolling moments, could this just be another con? Probably not.

A staple of nearly every installment of The Game Awards the past few years has been the appearance of one of the industry’s most recognizable developers, Hideo Kojima. Not only has Kojima previously been awarded with the Industry Icon award during 2016’s show, but the past few years he’s also brought with him new trailers for his upcoming project Death Stranding. Not to mention, Kojima and the show’s producer Geoff Keighley have a long-standing bromance, so Kojima always seems likely to attend the show, just to support his friend.

Well as for tonight’s edition of The Game Awards, Kojima says that he will not be in attendance. He revealed this information over on his personal Twitter account where his wished Keighley the best of luck for tonight’s show and apologized for being unable to make it.

Now, on face value, there’s nothing suspicious about this. Kojima is surely deep into his work with Death Stranding and that flight from Los Angeles to Japan isn’t a short one. You can’t expect Kojima to attend The Game Awards every year because it’s likely just not feasible.

Then again, this is Hideo Kojima we’re talking about. The man who made a fake video game studio when first revealing Metal Gear Solid V; the man who created an entire boss fight in Metal Gear Solid to make you think that your TV was glitching out. Kojima’s entire career is filled with plenty of trolling moments just like this, so excuse me if I can’t take his word at face value.

Until I watch the entirety of The Game Awards and see with my own two eyes that Kojima won’t be present, I’ll still have doubts that he’s just pulling all of our legs again. And even if he isn’t there in person, maybe he could still create a pre-recorded video introing a new Death Stranding trailer. Or maybe, I’m just crazy and need to stop thinking up wild video game conspiracy theories like this.

The Game Awards kick off later tonight starting at 8:30pm EST. Jokes aside, I doubt Kojima plays any role in the show, but I’d love to be proven wrong.