Hideo Kojima Reflects On Establishing Kojima Productions

Hideo Kojima Reflects On Establishing Kojima Productions

"When I established Kojima Productions, I had only the logo..."

It’s been nearly three years since the prolific game developer Hideo Kojima established an independent studio. Two years since Ludens, the company’s mascot, was revealed, as well as a brand new game from the mind that brought us the Metal Gear Solid series. Many of us are excited to see what the future holds for Kojima Productions but today, Kojima seems to be reflecting on the past.

From his Twitter, Kojima discussed the very beginnings of establishing his own independent studio after disbanding with Konami back in 2015. “When I established Kojima Productions, I had only the logo; no staffs, techs, engines, or even an office,” Kojima says as he had to start from scratch. He continues, “I started the concept while filling all the needs including the cast. It’s been three years creating the game restlessly, now I feel the ordinary happiness.”

The “game” he is referring to is Death Stranding which was initially revealed at E3 2016. While we’ve seen a number of trailers, including one with a cool throat baby that gives the viewer a thumbs-up, it’s hard to tell what the game even is. It stars many familiar faces like Norman Reedus (The Boondock Saints, The Walking Dead) and Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal, Dr. Strange) but the specific role these actors actually play in the game is still ambiguous.

Kojima continues in another tweet about how his family and people around him thought he should retire. Obviously, he did the very opposite. Here is the full tweet:

While there isn’t any window of release for Death Stranding, it is slated to launch on PS4. While details on the actual game are pretty slim, one employee of Kojima’s said the game was “nothing like I thought it was.”

In other Kojima news, Kanye was trying to find him and Geoff Keighley may have given him the hook-up. Never thought I’d write that sentence but here we are.