Hideo Kojima Shares on Death Stranding; Says Reveal Trailer is "Representative" of Final Game

By Ryan Meitzler

June 20, 2016

As one of the biggest surprises to come from E3 2016, Sony’s press conference brought with it the return of acclaimed creator Hideo Kojima as he gave a first glimpse at his upcoming game Death Stranding, while sharing new details about the game from its cryptic teaser trailer.

Speaking in an interview with Eurogamer, Kojima provided some new insights into Death Stranding and what to expect from the game, based on the reveal trailer that was shown during E3 2016 at Sony’s conference. Specifically, Kojima mentioned that the trailer is “representative” of what Death Stranding will look and feel like, adding that “what you see will be in the game.”

However, given Kojima’s penchant for being purposely vague when it comes to his games he also explained that “there area of hints in there” from the game’s reveal trailer, while adding that the discussion and reactions to the trailer (while trying to decipher its meaning” is “what I wanted to happen,” according to Kojima.

Specifically, that tied in to some of the more unique imagery that was shown in the trailer, such as the baby that Norman Reedus’ character embraces in the trailer, that Kojima denied as being a clone of his character (according to some rumor and fan theories).

Kojima did also comment on one of the more prevalent theories that the character may have traveled through a black hole (as the dog tags he wears bear various equations and theory symbols). Though he didn’t go into detail, he did mention “I wanted people to find those…”

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Kojima also clarified during the interview that Death Stranding” “will take a little more time to be completed,” but also added some further insight that his studio, Kojima Productions, is “getting to a very good point about how we are feeling about the visuals” and the game engine to be used, adding that “once that is decided, we will be in full production.”

Outside of Death Stranding, Kojima also spoke a bit about his “return” to the E3 stage following his last year with leaving Konami, mentioning that “seeing how the people were welcoming me made me feel really, really good.” He also elaborated in the interview with Eurogamer:

“Last year I had some difficult circumstances and my family was telling me: you’re old, you should retire now and take it easy. Fortunately a lot of fans around the world are waiting for my games so I decided I wanted to keep making games. I established my own company and within two-and-a-half months we were able to make a teaser and deliver something to the people, finally.

“And seeing the reaction of the people – most people seemed to like it – made me feel really good that I made the right choice. My decision was correct.”

Death Stranding is currently in development for PS4.

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