Hideo Kojima Shows New Images of Death Stranding’s Assets in Guerrilla’s Decima Engine

Hideo Kojima Shows New Images of Death Stranding’s Assets in Guerrilla’s Decima Engine

During a panel at PlayStation Experience presented by Sony Interactive Entertainment in Anaheim, California, Hideo Kojoma revealed a few images of Death Stranding‘s assets in Guerrilla Games’ Decima Engine.

The partnership between Guerrilla Games and and Kojima Production is actually a technical collaboration, and according to Mark Cerny, who kickstarted the partnership, the two studios are working on the same code base. You can’t tell who created each line of code, even for now most of the code is Guerrilla’s.

Accoring to Kojima-san, Horizon: Zero Dawn has a “fantastic artistic world,” while Death Stranding aims for a photoreal effect. That’s why Kojima Productions made several adjustments to the engine to tweak the lighting.

The images showcased below are actually tests made in-engine in a virtual meeting room to test Kojima Productions’ own improvements to the engine, that are then sent back to Guerirlla Games.

The meeting room, which Kojima-san called “Glass Room,” serves the purposes of testing how accurate the lighting model is. The studios uses it to check reflections, how lighting is working, and to push the engine forward.

It was also mentioned that the two studios are preparing to go even further together, creating a stronger technical collaboration. To that end, there will be a small satellite studio of Kojima Production focused on technology within Guerrilla Games in Amsterdam.

According to Guerrilla Games Managing Director Hermen Hulst, the collaboration started with a “donation” of the engine source code, but the teams hit it off. There are a lot of friendships among them nowadays. Every day there are conference calls, forums, flights back and forth to share the knowledge and move. Guerrilla Games also benefits, because they have an “additional set of brains” working on the technology. They have people from an entirely different background sharing the code base and making additions and improvements to it.

You can check the images out below, alongside a picture of the box used by Guerrilla Games to give Kojima the source code of the Decima engine.