Hideo Kojima Talks about Metal Gear Solid V, Multiplatform, Online and Social Gameplay, and Winning the World

Hideo Kojima Talks about Metal Gear Solid V, Multiplatform, Online and Social Gameplay, and Winning the World

Hideo Kojima has very clear ideas on Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. He doesn’t want to make a title that will appease the Japanese market only. He wants his game to step on the international stage and show the world what Kojima productions is capable of, as he stated as part of an interview to the Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu.

The interviewer asked Kojima-san about the reason why the game is multiplatform, wondering if he feels the need to expand further overseas. Here’s what he was told:

I’m making the game with the intention of entertaining fans all over the world, I’m not thinking about a specific region. However the Metal Gear  franchise sells the best in the United States. The largest market in the world are the United States. The largest game show in the world is E3. Of course we will have to fight a difficult battle against the giants of the world, but I want to win it. After all the V in Metal Gear Solid V is the V for Victory, meaning that we want to win the world.

In the last fifteen years hardware evolved a lot, but the content of the games didn’t. In that sense, it’s a little depressing. If you do too much you won’t be able to sell in Japan anymore (laughs). You can’t just focus  on graphics. I want to raise the quality of the content inherent to the game itself.

He also briefly explained the ease of porting the game to every console:

Since it’s the era of the cloud, you don’t have to be bound to a single platform. I made FOX Engine native on PC, so I can simply drop it on any hardware I want.

When asked about what it meant to make an AAA game for a worldwide audience, he went on to explain his idea of virtual and horizontal development, touching on social gameplay aspects (Editor’s note: in other interviews he gave pretty much the same answer quoted below to questions on why Japanese publishers don’t make many AAA Games anymore).

Games are a form of media dependent on technology. They evolve both vertically and horizontally. When you climb a flight of stairs you can do so one step at a time, but two steps at a time is more difficult. In other words, if you don’t always follow the state-of-the art, it’ll be harder to get to your destination. That’s a big reason why we continue to evolve.

That said, we can’t deny the horizontal development of social gaming. I think Metal Gear Solid V will also embrace the social aspects of the next generation.

In a separate interview on 4Gamer he explained the concept further:

Yes, I’m including online elements, but we would like to have a broader range of cooperation beyond gameplay, even if I receive many tweets about Metal Gear Online (laughs). Since it’ll be open world, we can have competitions on the time it takes to move from one point to the other, for instance. Everyone can be connected via SNS and exchange reports. Also, When you can’t play you can still enjoy the situation on your tablets

I can just imagine Snake using the codec to tweet “I just sneaked past ten guards. Pwned them!” Ah, the miracles of social gaming…