Hideo Kojima Tries Out PS4 Exclusive Knack, Writes a “Mini Review” With His Opinion

Hideo Kojima Tries Out PS4 Exclusive Knack, Writes a “Mini Review” With His Opinion

Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima is one of the most respected developers in Japan, and apparently today he visited Sony Computer Entertainment to try out Mark Cerny’s PS4 exclusive Knack.

The game didn’t receive an overly warm critical reaction, but Kojima-san decided to write his own “mini review” on twitter, sharing his opinion on the title that is soon going to be distributed for free to the first wave of PS4 owners in the archipelago of the rising sun:

I was invited by mark and played the Japanese language version of Knack quickly. It’s an action game and it proceeds smoothly.

Operation is simple and easy, but it becomes a very hard game when I change the difficulty. It’s exhilarating when Knack becomes huge. I loved the traps like in Crash.

Knack: I played it for a little less than three hours at Sony Computer Entertainment. It seems that Mark created it very carefully. The next generation feeling is a bit thin, but it has interesting technical challenges to it.

Also, a father that loves FPS games, if he’s tired of firefights, can he try cooperative play with his children?

Looks like the legendary creator of Metal Gear Solid enjoyed his time with Knack, negative reviews notwithstanding. Personally, I share his opinion quite closely, and while Knack may not be an absolute masterpiece, it’s enjoyable and a nice injection of nostalgic gameplay. We’ll have to see if Japanese gamers will react in the same way as Kojima-san did.

Below you can also see two pictures of the statue reproducing Knack himself tweeted by Kojima-san for the occasion. It can be found in front of Sony Computer Entertainment’s offices in Tokyo.

KnackStatue (1) KnackStatue (2)