Devolver Digital Reveals FPS High Hell

Devolver Digital Reveals FPS High Hell

Devolver Digital will publish yet another outlandish, but promising looking game with stylistic first-person shooter High Hell.

Today, publisher Devolver Digital revealed an outlandish (classic Devolver Digital outlandish that is) FPS dubbed High Hell.

A collaboration between Terri Vellmann (Heavy Bullets) and Doseone (Enter the Gungeon, Gang Beasts), High Hell apparently is releasing soon, despite being just revealed. While there is no concrete release date, the developer’s Twitter page mentions the game is close to releasing.

Looking like Hotline Miami in the first-person shooter format, High Hell is about descending upon a criminal underground with an absurdly large gun and bringing lethal salvation to those who have traded the good life for a life of crime.

Strapped with righteous fury and deploying fancy footwork are said to be crucial to surviving an escalating, absurd series of outlandish challenges and missions. You will need to kill brainwashed chimps, deface corporate effigies, dismantle business dealings of the cartel, and in general cause pure chaos.

High Hell will release on PC via Steam and GOG at an unknown price-point. Below, you can check out a new, crazy trailer that accompanied today’s news and makes quite the impression. Additionally, if you find yourself more often than not enjoying Devolver Digital games, then you will want to check out its other recently revealed title, a strange puzzle exploration game called Pikuniku.