High Profile FPS in Development for Kinect, Supposedly ‘AAA’

High Profile FPS in Development for Kinect, Supposedly ‘AAA’


A new shooting game is being created for the Kinect controller-free gaming peripheral. The game is notable for two reasons: it’s an FPS and it’s being called triple-A. Oh yes, and it’s also for the Kinect. Let the nearly ridiculous idea of an AAA FPS for Kinect sink in. No, scratch that; the idea is clearly ridiculous. Many would argue that there is hardly a good game available on Kinect at all, let alone an FPS.


Accordingly, the game is to try and attract core gamers to the Kinect peripheral and by extension, the Xbox 360. The game is being made by new developer Zipline Studios. Zipline will also be crafting more ‘core’ titles for the Kinect in the future, probably depending upon the success of the new shooter. I think the fact that nobody can imagine a core game that doesn’t use some kind of controller is holding back development for Kinect, but hopefully Zipline can change our minds.

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