Higurashi Mei: Character Profiles, Story Summary, Tamurahime no Mikoto Confirmed

Higurashi Mei has a pretty interesting cast of characters. Tamurahime no Mikoto from Higurashi Hou will be a key character to the story as well.

The official site for Higurashi Mei was updated with a story introduction and profiles for the new characters appearing in this gacha game. A new trailer was published as well. We translated everything below so let’s take a look.

Note that this article, and Higurashi Mei as a whole, is geared towards those who already know the Higurashi story line, so we’ve got spoilers.

First off, here’s the story introduction:

On Summer 1983, poisonous volcanic gas suddenly emerged in the village of Hinamizawa, killing around 1200 residents. This event is known as the Great Hinamizawa Disaster. Higurashi Mei begins ten years later, on June 1993. A girl who lost her family in the disaster, Ichiho Kimiyoshi, decided to visit her now abandoned hometown. There, she ended up discovering monsters she’s never seen before. Ichiho desperately ran away, but got cornered. As she was about to be killed, Ichiho was saved by Tamurahime no Mikoto, who introduced herself as a goddess. Ichiho received from Tamurahime no Mikoto a special power which allows her to fight against the Tsukuyomi, the monsters. And as per Tamurahime no Mikoto’s instructions, she headed towards the Furude shrine ceremonial tools’ shed, the Saiguden. When she entered Saiguden, Ichiho suddenly found herself in a nostalgic, peaceful Hinamizawa. It seems like Ichiho time-traveled to before the disaster.

Tamurahime no Mikoto is a character was was first introduced in Higurashi Hou, the “Utimate” version of Higurashi first released in 2014 on PC. Entergram later made a Switch port, and then a PS4 port. These are only available in Japan. Tamurahime no Mikoto appears in Kamikashimashi-hen, one of Higurashi Hou‘s new chapters. While she’s a goddess like Hanyuu, the two don’t get along. Tamurahime no Mikoto is voiced by Yoshino Nanjo. It seems like she’ll actually be one of the key characters in Higurashi Mei.

Next up we have the profiles of the characters of Higurashi Mei.

Note that no official reading was published for the characters’ names, so the kanji in their names might be read in a different way than the way I’ve translated them.

Ichiho Kimiyoshi, voiced by Mayu Sagara.

Ichiho is the granddaughter of Kimiyoshi Kiichiro, the former mayor of Hinamizawa, who is a side character appearing in multiple Higurashi chapters. Due to the 1983 disaster, she lost her entire family and lives in a dormitory, with financial support from a distant relative. Her profiles says she likes Japanese food, and has “I’m sorry ” as her catchphrase, so she’s the type who immediately apologizes all the time.

Miyuki Akasaka, voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro.

Miyuki is the daughter of Mamoru Akasaka. Like her father, she has an incredibly sharp mind. She’s a cheerful girl who isn’t afraid of interacting with older kids or strangers.

Miyuki already appeared in multiple Higurashi side chapters, either as a child or as an adult. Her adult version is named Miyuki Sorimachi, using her husband’s name, and is one of the main characters of Yoigoshi-hen. (Note that Miyuki Sawashiro also voices Dlanor in Umineko.)

Nao Ootori, voiced by Rie Takahashi.

Nao is a girl from Tokyo. She visited Hinamizawa with a certain objective in mind. We don’t know what this objective is though. She’s incredibly confident, trusts her instinct, and has a strong resolve.

Profiles and artwork for Rika, Rena, Satoko and Mion were shared as well. K1 also appears in the trailer. It’s only basic info you already know if you read this article in the first place though, so we won’t be translating them. What’s interesting though is the narration and out-of-context dialogue lines in the trailer:

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Mei First Trailer

The lines in the trailer indicate that not only Ichiho, but Miyuki and Nao as well are actually from a 1993 Kakera where everyone in Hinamizawa died. It looks like Miyuki doesn’t know the truth behind the Great Hinamizawa Disaster, and is trying to investigate it. Meanwhile, Nao is unhappy with her life in 1993, and wants to change her fate.

Another interesting fact we can deduce from the lines K1, Rika and the other classic characters are saying: They’re aware something supernatural is going on, and it seems like they’re their selves from after one of the good endings, where everyone survived June 1983. It’s hard to tell for sure though, with only the typical out-of-context one-liners of Japanese trailers. Another thing we can deduce from the trailer is that Ichiho, Miyuki and Nao will all start living in Hinamizawa with the others, going to the usual school.

Higurashi Mei’s scriptwriter is Saichi Kanou, who worked on multiple chapters initially made for the console Higurashi ports by Alchemist, and Ryukishi07 also worked on the draft, so it’ll definitely be interesting. I’ll be keeping an eye on all this as a Higurashi fan, so stay tuned.

The trailer features Higurashi Mei‘s theme song, Frustration, sung by Ayane (彩音), and with lyrics and composition by Chiyomaru Shikura. Comments from Ayane, battle BGM composer Motoi Sakuraba, and the seiyuu were published too. We’ll be covering that in another article.

A Pre-registration campaign for Higurashi Mei is ongoing. Currently, it’s at over 50K accounts:

Developed by D-Techno, Higurashi Mei is scheduled to launch later this summer in Japan. It’s an RPG with gacha mechanics. It’s also tied in with the new Higurashi anime adaptation starting in October 2020. They both use Akio Watanabe as character designer. You can read more details here and here.

A live stream for Sinoalice with new details on both the Higurashi new anime and Higurashi Mei will also be coming August 21. If time permits I’ll be doing a full summary.

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