Himawari – The Sunflower Localization Team Reflects on Development Before Western Release

Himawari – The Sunflower Localization Team Reflects on Development Before Western Release

MangaGamer released a new blog entry written localization staff member, Conjueror, about working on Himawari – The Sunflower, coming to PC-via MangaGamer and Steam on December 9.

The blog post highlights the time Conjueror found out about the beloved visual novel, citing that he discovered it in 2008 while browsing erogamescape. However, he downloaded the game fully expecting to “hate and rip it apart”. Evidently, the only thing that got ripped apart was heart.

Throughout the blog post fans get an inside look at what it takes to be a translator in the industry. Furthermore, we see how Conjueror got into working first as a fan-translator in the visual novel community and then moving up to official projects.

The post ends with discussing the updated scenes and censorship that has been brought up by fans.

he writes:

One final note, since it seems like there were some questions raised in regards to censorship within the game: As some may know, Himawari was first released as a doujin (indie) game almost ten years ago, and after it gained popularity it has been re-worked multiple times. In the process, things like adult content (three scenes in total), some possibly offensive jokes, and underage drinking have been rewritten by the original author to appeal to the mainstream audience a little bit better.

By the time VITA version came out last year, the game has been updated so many times — at this point it had completely redrawn visuals, new music, voice-acting, and more polished writing — the original doujin game comes off more like a draft in comparison to what the author considers the final product right now. Not to mention, the two are considered two different games as far as localization rights and expenses are concerned.

I have been working with the author when I translated the game, and while I originally planned to bring some things back from the original version he has convinced me to keep most of the changes he introduced over the years, with only minor tweaks on my part. No additional changes were made to the game or script to censor it for Steam or a Western audience in general.

Conjueror reassures western fans that the game “retains most of the text from erotic scenes, just conveyed in a somewhat less gratuitous way, and even offers almost ten hours of extra content in the form of two side-stories which were originally published in light novel form”.