Hints Dropped for PC Super Meat Boy Characters

on November 11, 2010 10:00 AM

Hints Dropped for PC Super Meat Boy CharactersTeam Meat has dropped hints via Twitter at who the remaining 4 exclusive characters in the PC version of Super Meat Boy will be, and they’re pretty vague. We already know Mr Minecraft and Captain Viridian will be in it (from Minecraft and vvvvvv respectively). The hints dropped are;

  • one of them sticks
  • one of them dashes
  • one of them changes form
  • one of them isn’t organic

In addition, a second tweet said “one of them might not be as indie as the rest”

I don’t have any ideas for the other 3, but #2? ROBOT UNICORN ATTACK. Adult Swim isn’t quite Indie, and RUA would be the perfect addition. What are your guesses on the remaining characters?

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