Hit the Field With KontrolFreek's New TD Freek Adapters

By Taran Brar

July 26, 2010

With NCAA 11in full swing and Madden 11 right around the corner, KontrolFreek has announced their newest product, the TD Freek. For those of you who don’t already know about KontrolFreek or their products, here is the rundown. KontrolFreek makes adapters for the control sticks found on Xbox 360 and PS3 controllers. These adapters are genre specific, for example one of their products is called FPS Freek and yes, you guessed it, they help you when you are trying to aim down the scope of your favorite gun. These adapters pop on to the end of the existing control stick and add height and grip that augment the control aspect of your console gaming experience.

So back to the topic at hand KontrolFreek has just announced their most recent adapter. The TD Freek. These are designed to give you pinpoint control when you are dropping back for a pass or trying hit the smallest of gaps that your offensive line has just created. These adapters are much like the others in that they boost the control the player has by adding height and therefore range of motion, the only difference is that these are football themed. So if your a fan of football games and want to be second to none then maybe the TD Freek is just what the doctor ordered. If this sounds like something you would be interested in just click here.

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Taran Brar

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