Hitman 2 Content Roadmap Details Who Players Can Kill in December

Hitman 2 Content Roadmap Details Who Players Can Kill in December

December content for Hitman 2 will include new contracts, Escalations, a new Elusive Target, and an unknown holiday event.

Tis the season to be hitting, says the team behind Hitman 2. Developer IO Interactive outlined what kind of content players of the acclaimed sequel can expect during this month—expect new Escalations, Contracts, and an Elusive Target.

This Thursday will have Hitman 2 highlight five community-made Contracts handpicked by the developers. These Featured Contracts will have a theme, this first being “Occupational Hazards.” As one can guess from the pun, these scenarios will focus on “jobs, occupation, and professions.” Hopefully, these Contracts will require you to put on the most absurd disguises.

Escalations are also returning from the 2016 game, and having released one such for Hitman 2, the second will be one titled “The Aelwin Augment.” Taking place on the Isle of Sgail map, the blog post from IO doesn’t get into specifics of what this Escalation, releasing on December 13, will offer, but does promise some challenge and complications.

December 18 will have a “time-limited holiday surprise,” so of course, IO is zipping their lips on this one. My hope is that you’ll have to kill someone dressed up as Santa—or better yet, kill Santa Claus himself.

Another Elusive Target will make its way to the game on December 21, with players taking aim at “The Revolutionary,” whoever that may be. This Target will be available for ten days, and players who complete it on their first and only possible try can win the Casual Tourist with gloves outfit. Hopefully, you will already have offed Sean Bean in-game by then.

Finally, December 27 will bring the final Escalation of the month, and the calendar year of 2018. Titled “The Turms Infatuation,” this mission will take place on San Fortuna. Changes to gameplay are on their way, but hopefully, they won’t “fix” that absurd homing briefcase.

Some of us here certainly loved Hitman 2, not despite but because of its similarities and subtle refinements from the 2016 game. Check out our review for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC game here if you haven’t already.