Hitman 2 Expansion Pass Retires on Haven Island

Hitman 2 Expansion Pass Retires on Haven Island

Set sail for Haven Island on the last piece of DLC in the Hitman 2 expansion pass.

The end of the Hitman 2 roadmap is on the horizon. The final piece of DLC included in the expansion pass is set to arrive on Sept. 24. In case you’ve also lost all grasp on time, that’s next week. Expansion pass and Hitman 2 Gold Edition owners can use their ticket to a tropical paradise in the Maldives called Haven Island soon.

IO Interactive has just released some details on the new location. Haven Island will feature one full-fledged campaign mission called The Last Resort, Contracts mode support, over 75 new challenges, tons of unlockable starting locations and items (yes, that includes a new suit that probably looks like it came from Pitbull’s wardrobe), and seven new trophies/achievements at launch.

The Last Resort is a straightforward assassinate-and-dash. You have three targets to eliminate then you’re free to escape. You’ll also be free to tackle three optional mission story challenges. Completing them along with all 75+ side challenges unlocks a new weapon. Of course, a new Hitman location means new disguises and unique ways to kill people.

This piece of DLC picks right up from where The Bank in New York left off. Agent 47 was tasked with assassinating the director of the Milton-Fitzpatrick bank and retrieving data for a client back then. Now, he travels under a fake identity as a guest on Haven Island. IO Interactive promises more details as we get closer to the 24th.

Hitman 2 Gold Edition is available for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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