Hitman 2 Miami Pack Contains Full Levels, Sean Bean Elusive Target for New Players

Hitman 2 Miami Pack Contains Full Levels, Sean Bean Elusive Target for New Players

Those who haven't bought the full Hitman 2 game can try out the Miami missions through this Spring Break content pack.

In contrast to the episodic release of the 2016 Hitman game, Hitman 2 released all of its base content at once. For those more used to the episodic model, it appears as if IO Interactive is releasing their most recent game in piecemeal, this time with the Miami content as one pack. Previously, IO Interactive released the first mission as a “starter pack” for free. This paid Miami Pack contains a bit more in comparison.

The release of the Miami Pack coincides with a “Spring Break” event in May, which comes with a new challenge pack, a blue flamingo mascot outfit, and more to be revealed in early May with a content map. Along with the Miami missions, the pack also comes with the starter pack content, the multiplayer Ghost mode and Sniper Assasin modes, and a number of contracts. More importantly, the pack will give players access to that Sean Bean Elusive Target mission.

Initially titled “The Undying,” now “The Undying Returns,” this mission gave players one shot at killing Mark Faba, a character portrayed by Sean Bean, an actor that is, of course, notorious for dying a number of times in movies and television shows. This Elusive Target will be available from May 3 to June 3, the longest duration for an Elusive Target yet, and an IO Interactive blog post says that any Hitman 2 player with access to the Miami content can play this mission, even those who played the first iteration of it. Completing it successfully will earn players the Flash Grenade Robot.

The Miami Pack is out today, April 30, and retails digitally on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam for $15 USD. Be sure to revisit our review of Hitman 2, which was written by yours truly, and check out a trailer for the Miami Pack below.