Hitman 2 Starter Pack Offers the First Mission for Free, Available Now

IO Interactive has announced the arrival of the Hitman 2 Starter Pack, a free download that allows players to try the first mission as much as they like.

Taking the role of a professional assassin involves a lot of dedication to your craft. Perhaps you’re not sure you’ll enjoy being an assassin and unsure if investing in the part will be enough. Well, IO Interactive has announced the arrival of the free-to-play Starter Park for Hitman 2.

The Starter Pack will unlock the first location for Hitman 2 allowing players to jump in and give the Nightcall mission a try. They’ll then be able to decide if they want to grab the rest of the game later on or just carry on playing the opening campaign. This echoes the situation in 2017 when the previous game Hitman offered its starting area for free.

Players will jump right into the sandy location, Hawkes Bay under the cover of night. Agent 47 doesn’t get much time to enjoy the New Zeland beaches though as he’s on a mission to take down a target. However, when armed enemies turn up you’ve got to get out alive as well as eliminating your target.

All progress is saved in the Starter Pack and will be carried over to the full game should you choose to buy it. While trying the Hitman 2 Starter Pack you’ll be able to take part in all challenges, unlocks, stashes, unlock new starting points, and weapons. Should you totally master the mission you can make it even harder with Professional and Master difficulties.

You’ll find the embedded trailer above shows off the level as well as some enemy takedowns being performed, giving you an inkling of what to expect. You can also give our review a read if you’re wondering what we thought.

The starter pack for Hitman 2 is free for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Purchasing the full game will carry over any progression and unlock the rest of the game.

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