New Hitman 3 Gameplay Trailer Shows Off All the Ways 47 Can Murder

New Hitman 3 Gameplay Trailer Shows Off All the Ways 47 Can Murder

Hitman 3 is back with another trailer. This time, IOI is showing off all the tools Agent 47 can use to assassinate his targets.

Hitman 3 ships early next year, which means it’s about that time to kick off the big marketing push. To that effect, IOI dropped a new trailer today that shows some of the hijinks you’ll get up to when you step into Agent 47’s shoes. For longtime fans of the series, most of this will feel like a welcome return. It doesn’t look like IOI is changing things up too much for the end of this trilogy. Though, why fix what isn’t broken? Give the trailer a look below.

As you can see, the Hitman 3 trailer shows off quite a bit of what you’d expect. Agent 47 is using everything at his disposal to finish off his targets. Whether you’re dropping guards with a silenced rifle, tossing on a disguise to get through a checkpoint, or beating a man to death with a feather duster, this is the Hitman series you know and love.

For some, it might be a bit disappointing to not see some bigger changes. That said, IOI is adding VR compatibility via PSVR. Plus, it’s not like the first two games had massive problems anyway. Sometimes, more of the same is exactly what the doctor ordered. Add in all the new maps, and I can’t wait to try this one out for myself.

Hitman 3 launches on January 20 for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. Remember, it’s also coming to PSVR, alongside support for the first two games. Speaking of the first two games, those levels will come over with 3. If you haven’t played them, it’ll be a perfect time to hop in, especially if you’re playing on next-gen consoles.