Hitman 3 Initiation Protocol Teased in New February Update

Hitman 3 Initiation Protocol Teased in New February Update

The upcoming February update for Hitman 3 will bring several new features every week under the umbrella of the Initiation Protocol.

While Hitman 3 has only been out for a few weeks, the latest release from IO Interactive has already started off strong. The game opened to positive critical reception and sales that have hit franchise highs. As we head into February, the studio has begun outlining what post-launch support will look like with the game’s first content roadmap, the Initiation Protocol.

Developer IO Interactive has revealed the roadmap for the February update in Hitman 3. The studio gave a look at all of the new additions and features coming to the game throughout February, with new content arriving every week this month. You can take a look below at what’s coming from the new update each week:

As outlined by IO, the big new additions include Featured Contracts by MinnMax and Kinda Funny, alongside new Escalations and a new Elusive Target. Additionally, the studio noted that a patch will arrive later this month with updates and performance tweaks.

Our own Kris Cornelisse review Hitman 3 last month and came away from it impressed. While it will mostly appeal to Hitman fans, the series third installment still leaves room for creative executions. In the review, Kris mentioned:

Overall, I can identify the sheer quality of Hitman 3, even if it’s not the kind of game I’ll be going back to a lot. This is also not exactly a great place to start for newcomers, and I’d recommend checking out the earlier games/levels first. For those who are already fans though, this should be just what the unusual doctor with the barcode tattoo ordered.

Hitman 3 is available now on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, Nintendo Switch, and PC.