IO Interactive Reveals a New Location in Hitman 3

IO Interactive Reveals a New Location in Hitman 3

This mission inside Thornbridge Manor in Hitman 3 located in Dartmoor, England will task the player with solving a murder rather than committing one.

IO Interactive has revealed another location that agent 47 will be able to explore in Hitman 3. This time around, the location will in Dartmoor, England inside of Thornbridge Manor.

This will be the second mission in the game and takes place in a historical part of England inside a sprawling mansion. The storyline of this mission is quite different than the typical “here are your targets and try to discover new ways to kill them” missions. This time around, there is a strong murder mystery vibe attached to it.

Inside the mansion, there has been a murder and rather then Agent 47 being the murderer, he is disguised as the detective who is going to solve it. This will be one of the Mission Stories inside the level and there will be other targets that need to be eliminated. However, it will be interesting to try to solve a murder while also trying to eliminate your target at the same time. The entire family there at the mansion is a suspect and it will be Agent 47’s duty to figure out who committed the murder. And I am sure it will also be his job to murder one of them too.

IO Interactive has always wanted to create a murder mystery experience within one of its levels and they are crafting this experience with a Hitman twist. Here is what Nick Price, Lead Writer on Hitman 3, had to say about the level and mission story:

Hitman missions are very complicated affairs with plenty of moving parts and lots of characters you are able to interact with in a huge variety of ways. In Dartmoor’s murder mystery, we are dialing all of that up to 11. Every member of the family is a possible suspect and it’s been quite the challenge to make sure everything doesn’t fall apart just because the player wants to play around. In fact, that sort of behaviour should be rewarded in a Hitman game, so we have been working hard on making sure that depending on what a player discovers during their investigation, outcomes might differ. It’s going to be great fun to see how everyone tackles this particular problem next year.”

Hitman 3 is set to release in January of 2021 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and PC. The game will be exclusive to the Epic Game Store for one year.