Hitman 3 Update 3.70 Patch Notes Today (September 28)

Take a look Inside the ACT 6 of Hitman 3

September 28, 2021

The upcoming 3.70 patch will bring the next Act -6 Envy as a part of the ongoing Seven Deadly Sins Campaign. Here are all the details you need about the new update.

Today, IO Interactive is shipping a huge update for Hitman 3 that is estimated to be around 3-6GB. The new update 3.70 will bring new premium content in the form of Envy Act 6- the next event in the ongoing Seven Deadly Sins series. Apart from the exclusive event, the update will also we bringing some major to minor bug fixes.


Seven Deadly Sins Act 6: Envy

Source: io interactive

Patch 3.70 in Hitman 3 will see the next campaign level Act- 6 as a part of the ongoing series.


The developers describe the event as “With a rival assassin hunting down your targets, you’ll need to think fast and make your move. Prepare to outsmart and outmaneuver your rival as you chase multiple targets throughout three stages of an escalating challenge.” 

Source: io interactive

 Upon completing the new event, players will receive three exclusive rewards; Odium Suit, The Cats’ Claw, and The jaeger 7 Green eye.

Source: io interactive

 During the Season of Envy, players can also get a chance to win a sniper rifle called Hackl Sniper Rifle Covert Ducky Edition by completing 60 missions across all the campaigns.

General Issue Fix with Hitman 3 -Patch 3.70.

Source: io interactive

As mentioned before, the developers have fixed many in-game bugs, improving the overall quality of life.

Language Support-  The developers have added “Japenese” as one of the official game languages. 

Shoulder Swap- Players can now swap the shoulders while aiming down sight from right to left using the newly added feature. Users can enable this feature from the gameplay options menu.

New Suits – Two new suits will be part of the costume collection; Deluxe & Deadly Skins.

Sniper Issues- Fixed the issue with sensitivity surrounding sniper rifles. Players will not feel slower anymore while zooming in a sniper rifle.

Water graphics- Fixed issue with rendering water on certain AMD graphic cards for PC players.

Stadia-Fixed several localization issues for various languages.

VR Changes -Fixed issue with HUD not appearing after save/load cycle.

Bugs Related with Maps

Source: io interactive

Dartmoor, England: Fixed issue with Dartmoor Garden contracts & gas mark 9.

Dubai, UAE: Fixed issues with the Rise Up trophy

Berlin, Germany: NPC cannot see anymore through walls near the food delivery area.

Chongqing, China: Fixed Wallhack issue, Agency pick locations are correctly modified.

Mendoza, Argentina: Players will not be able to get a Sieger 300 Tactical in the location anymore, Fixed crucial NPC performing the Private Tour Mission, Agent 47 will not fall into infinite after vaulting over railings.

Carpathian Mountains, Romania: Fixed issue with NPC triggering a cinematic rather than Agent 47.

Note:- The update is scheduled to go live at 6 AM PT.

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