Hitman’s Elusive Target 14 is Now Live; Suit Reward Adjustments Made

on November 18, 2016 8:22 AM

IO Interactive has announced that Hitman’s Elusive Target 14 is now live, and is ready for you to assassinate him.

The Chef — Gabriel Santos — is the next Elusive Target, and the first that offers up some new unlockable suits. Elusive Target #14 will be in Paris for 7 days (168 hours), and there won’t be any second chances. As always, remember that an Elusive Target cannot be restarted once any targets have been eliminated or any objectives have been completed.

Further, starting with ET 14, IO has made adjustments to how players unlock future Elusive Target suit rewards. You can see the new changes in the image below:


It’s important to note that these adjustments won’t affect anything you’ve already unlocked or your progress to unlocking the three accumulative suits (HMA, Blood Money and Signature Suit) that have been the three rewards available so far.

Further, it’s also important to note that the new rewards system comes into effect starting with ET 14, which means that you cannot retroactively unlock suits based on previous ET’s. For example, if you want that Winter Suit, you’ll need to complete 5 ET’s with a Silent Assassin rating, starting from ET 14.

A new trailer specific to Elusive Target 14 has also been released, check it out below:

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