Hitman GO: Definitive Edition for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita has Seventeen Trophies, Including Platinum

on February 21, 2016 12:12 PM

Trophies for the console and handheld game Hitman GO: Definitive Edition are now live on Exophase. The game has a platinum trophy, seventeen total trophies.

Thankfully there is a solid mix of types, with nine gold, three silver, and four bronze. You can view the full list below:


  • Agent 47: Collect all trophies for Hitman GO: Definitive Edition.


  • Curtains Down: Complete all objectives in the fifth chapter.
  • Red-Eye: Complete all objectives in the sixth chapter.
  • Party’s Over: Complete all objectives in the second chapter.
  • Flashmob: Kill 5 enemies at once.
  • Meeting Adjourned: Complete all objectives in the seventh chapter.
  • Deal Breaker: Complete all objectives in the fourth chapter.
  • Silent Assassin: Complete all objectives of all chapters without using a single hint.
  • The Long Walk: Play for at least 1,000 turns.
  • Wedding Crasher: Complete all objectives in the third chapter.


  • Controlled Demolition: Crush three enemies under a falling statue.
  • Creepy Crawler: Kill an enemy by emerging from a Secret Passage.
  • Game-Set-Match: Complete all objectives in the first chapter.


  • Litterbug: Throw an object without alerting anyone.
  • Dog Whisperer: Get chased by three guard dogs simultaneously.
  • Two For One: Kill 2 enemies at once.
  • Time Waster: Play for at least 100 turns in a single level.


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