Hitman June Content Revealed, Elusive Targets and Contracts Land June 2nd

Hitman developer IO Interactive reveals the schedule for Hitman updates coming in June.

After a flurry of news about layoffs surrounding Hitman and IO Interactive this past month, it looks like the developer won’t miss a beat as the June content schedule was released this morning. The studio announced the 25th Elusive Target, two Escalation Contracts and ten new Featured Contracts will be added to the game beginning on June 2nd.

The two Escalation Contracts are the Spaggiari Subversion and Asya Attunement. The descriptions were broken down as follows:

– The Spaggiari Subversion is the first Escalation Contract on the ‘Landslide’ Bonus Mission and challenges you with 5 different stages. Expect three different targets, some weapon and disguise restrictions and a few other surprises.

– The Asya Attunement is the fourth Escalation Contract to be added for Bangkok and the five stages include complications involving shotguns, laser tripwires, exterminators, enforcers and kill streaks

The game’s Featured Contracts were hand picked by members of the Hitman gaming community. These ten were chosen from a number of entries and will be added to the game with both Escalation Contracts on June 2nd. The Elusive Target, Hokkaido, will arrive before the end of the month but does not have an exact date yet. The developer notes players will have ten days to capture Hokkaido, lest he be lost forever.

It’s good to see steady content still being release for Hitman, and hopefully this means we are even closer to an announcement for season two. Since IO Interactive is being sold alongside the Hitman property by Square Enix, it allows the developer to not have to scrap all its hard work.

Hitman is available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.


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