IO Interactive Teases a New Hitman Announcement is Coming This Week

IO Interactive Teases a New Hitman Announcement is Coming This Week

A Twitter post for a Hitman announcement to-come offers fans of Agent 47 more content to look forward to, and it could be huge.

For those who are subscribed to @Hitman posts on Twitter, you may have noticed the secretive new Hitman announcement that popped up recently. It reads:

Good afternoon, 47. The profiles have been uploaded. Your next target is…

A small video clip added to the Twitter post then tells us

Access Denied // June 7, 2018

In the past, messages like this often had pictures and names of the timed elusive targets that were available for fiber wire antics, or even the comical promotion where anyone could vote for their favorite Gary to garrote.  However, this particular Twitter post may have new things in store for those who are ready to step back into the shoes of Agent 47.

The announcement date for the news is just a couple of days shy from E3 madness, which could mean nothing, or it could mean a return of Agent 47 into Season 2 of Hitman. In an interesting twist of news to pair with this, WB Games on Twitter has begun a countdown for something new and fresh coming that exact same day. Their Twitter post is counting down from 72 hours, ending on Thursday morning.

The short clip on this announcement shows a pit crew working on a racecar and a racer zipping up their uniform. If this truly is related to the Hitman announcement, then it’s possible the images in the WB Games’ post are from a new level in Hitman Season 2, but are meant to make us believe the announcement is not related to the Twitter post from @Hitman. Regardless of how discreet and mysterious WB Games is trying to be, it can’t stop me dreaming about tracking my next target in-game and cutting their brake lines during Hitman Season 2.

Hitman Season 1 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC can be bought as a whole game, or even purchased in separate episodes from 1-6, giving players a chance to try Hitman and it’s enormous first level without committing themselves to the entire game. Both Twitter announcements can be seen below.