Hitman Surpasses 5 Million Player Milestone

Hitman Surpasses 5 Million Player Milestone

PS4, Xbox One, and PC stealth game Hitman now boasts over 5 million assassins.

Today, independent developer IO Interactive announced that its 2016 release Hitman has surpassed the five million player mark.

The news comes via IO Interactive’s Twitter account itself, where the developer describes the sales milestone as a “huge success.”

It’s important to note that five million players does not equate to five million copies sold. All five million players means is that at least 5 million different unique players have played Hitman. Further, because Hitman initially started off as an episodic release, this includes players who perhaps played the game’s first episode but never returned for the subsequent episodes.

Hitman’s six episode release started on March 11th and ended on October 31st. It was then released as Hitman: The Complete First Season on January 31st: this package included all prior content, except for past Elusive Targets. It is currently available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, and Linux.

In case you missed it, back on June 16th IO Interactive announced it was fully independent, leaving the Square Enix family behind after seven years, and taking the Hitman IP with it.