Hitman’s Elusive Target 16 is Now Live and Has a New Trailer

Hitman’s Elusive Target 16 is Now Live and Has a New Trailer

Drop what you’re doing, Hitman’s Elusive Target 16 is now live, and needs some assassinating.

IO Interactive has announced that The Guru –Richard J. Magee– is the next Elusive Target. Elusive Target #16 will be in Sapienza for 7 days — 10,080 minutes — and as always there won’t be any second chances. Further, remember that once an Elusive Target is started, it can’t be restarted once any targets have been eliminated or any objectives have been completed. You got one shot to kill ol’ Guru Magee, that’s it.

This week’s target has two fail conditions worth pointing out: do not harm, injure or subdue Keith Keeble, and do not harm, injure or subdue Katherine Feller. No Keeble and no Feller, remember that folks.

Further, an opportunity to earn a new unlockable suit, or maybe more depending on your progress, is up for grabs. In case you forgot the requirements for the unlockable suits, you can check out the image below. Note, that when you unlock a suit, it will be added to inventory, where you will be able to use it in all locations and contracts that allow you to select a starting suit.


Hitman is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. In case you missed it, Io-Interactive recently announced that a retail collection that includes the complete first season (all six episodes) is due out on January 31st for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Personally, I think the episodic formula serves this series far better, but I can understand players who want to have all the content available at once.

A new trailer specific to Elusive Target 15 has also been released, check it out below: