Hitman’s Elusive Target 18 “The Chameleon” is Live

Hitman’s Elusive Target 18 “The Chameleon” is Live

Today, developer IO Interactive announced Hitman’s Elusive Target 18 is live and ready to be obliterated by throwing axes.

The target: The Chameleon, aka Richard M. Foreman. Foreman will be in Colorado for 7 days, and your task is to not only eliminate him, but retrieve a special set of documents. If you complete the contract you’ll earn the Tactical Gear with Hunter’s Hat. This Elusive Target is also the first opportunity to unlock the Winter Suit, which is awarded for completing 5 Elusive Targets with a Silent Assassin rating.

This week’s target has no special fail conditions, but it does have a Special Contract condition that requires the player to eliminate the target with a non-explosion accident.

As always, there won’t be any second chances and once you start the Elusive Target, you won’t be able to restart once any targets have been eliminated or when any of the objectives have been completed.

Hitman is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC all digitally. A retail collection, that includes the complete first season (all six episodes), is due out on January 31st for the same platforms.

A new trailer specific to Target 18 has also been released, you can check it out below: