Hitman’s Third Bonus Mission “Landslide” Revealed; Elusive Target 19 Now Live

Hitman’s Third Bonus Mission “Landslide” Revealed; Elusive Target 19 Now Live

Today, developer IO Interactive announced Hitman’s Elusive Target 19 is live and ready to be assassinated. Additionally, the developer also revealed the game’s third bonus mission, Landslide, which is set to release January 31st alongside the game’s physical launch, and the January Update (which adds the new professional difficulty level).

To begin, lets look at the first details about Landslide. What we know so far is that Landslide takes you back to Sapienza, where the sun is about to set and the locals have gathered for the Sapienza Festival del Paese. At this festival, a concert is planned in the piazza near the harbor, and the Main Square has been transformed into a marketplace. Your target here is Marco Abbiati, a “snake-tongued wealthy businessman-turned-politician who is returning to his hometown to run for mayor,” and who needs a throwing axe to the knee.

Landslide, when it launches, will be available for free for owners of the Complete First Season / Upgrade Pack. It will also be included in The ‘Bonus Episode’ (formerly called Summer Bonus Episode), which will be made available for individual purchase on January 31st. The Bonus Episode includes 3 bonus missions: The Icon, A House Built on Sand and Landslide. The Bonus Episode is included inside the Complete First Season of the game, which is simply the retail version that ships out on January 31st.


A new Elusive Target is now live as well. The target: The Blackmailer, aka Walter Williams. Williams will be in Paris for 7 days, and your objective is not only eliminate the sucka, but to retrieve a memory stick as well. This week’s target has no special fail conditions.

As always, there won’t be any second chances and once you start the Elusive Target, you won’t be able to restart once any targets have been eliminated or when any of the objectives have been completed.

Hitman 1

Hitman is currently available, digitally, on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. A retail collection, that includes the complete first season (all six episodes), is slated to release on January 31st for the same platforms.

Two new trailers, one specific to Target 19, and one pertaining to the new Landslide bonus mission have also been released. You can check both out below: