Hive Quest Follows the Perilous Journey of a Bee Restoring its Hive

Hive Quest is an intriguing and charming real-time strategy game that follows the journey of a bee as it tries to restore the former glory of its Hive.

Hive Quest – Strange Adventures in the Wild Woods certainly has a unique premise: a real-time strategy game in which players take control of a tiny bee and explore an enchanted woodland filled with ancient magic, strange creatures and intriguing puzzles.

The story arc involves a dangerous journey to find safety for their insect tribe after a cataclysm destroys their home. Players will uncover the secrets of the Old Orchard, find and train your very own woodland sprite and lead their Hive to victory.

You can check out the gameplay trailer below, which shows off some of the gameplay and graphics. It’s charm and whimsy is punctuated by the beautiful greenery and bright colors of the fauna:

Hive Quest was created by Rod Tyson, the founder and creative director of Goldenheart Games. “As a kid, did you ever play a game, read a book or see a movie that left you with an indefinable sense of longing?” asks Tyson. “Hive Quest was created to tap into these feelings & evoke mother nature though the colorful lens of folk lore and fairy tale.

In short, to recapture a sense of childhood wonder.”

Hive Quest is currently on Kickstarter, with the campaign preparing to go live soon. You can also check out its Steam wishlist page. And be sure to look over some lovely screenshots of the title in the gallery below.

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