Ho-Ho-Home Invasion Gets Into the Festive Spirit for Free on PC

Ho-Ho-Home Invasion Gets Into the Festive Spirit for Free on PC

If 2020 has inevitably got you down in the dumps, Ho-Ho-Home Invasion could add a little Christmas cheer.

If you were wondering where all the Christmas-themed games were, worry no more as Whitepot Studios has you covered. As we slip into the festivities, Ho-Ho-Home Invasion will bring a little much-needed Christmas cheer to young and older gamers. And the best part about it, the game is free on itch.io and Steam right now. Originally and humorously called “Santa Game Solid”, players help Santa out by entering houses, delivering presents, and get out of the home before anyone sees him, especially those automated robots his elves have made to help him train.

In Ho-Ho-Home Invasion, players will have a jolly old time in helping prepare Mr. Claus for the big night through five house layouts because due to social distancing, Santa can’t undertake his usual training so to help him out, his elves have crafted a fully automated Santa training area in a disused warehouse – with lots of “houses” for Santa to sneak his way through in record time. To get through each level, players need to peek around corners for signs of danger, make sure to be as stealthy as possible whilst avoid training robots, get some gifts under the tree then get out of the house without being seen.

Check out the trailer for yourself below. I think it looks like a really fun festive game that could be played by the whole family and maybe instead of sending the same old boring Christmas cards this year, how about a Christmas-themed game instead that doesn’t cost you a penny? It pretty much sounds like a win-win situation to me.

Whitepot Studios, who are based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, took to Twitter recently to ask what everyone’s favorite festive video game is with the conclusion being that here’s just not that many anymore – sure, there are board games, and party games, but how many actually festively themed video games exist? Some of the replies included Bullfrog’s Psycho Santa or Christmas Lemmings with Bad Mr. Frosty (the Snowman from ClayFighters who appeared on the SNES game’s cover), and Jazz Jackrabbit’s Christmas Chronicles getting an honorable mention.  

Ho-Ho-Home Invasion is available right now on Steam and Itch.io for free. Whitepot Studios is using a bespoke “pay-what-you-liked” model on Steam, offering non-content DLC representing ‘tip tiers’ that fans can choose to purchase to support the developers.