Hokko Life Seeks to Bring Animal Crossing's Magic to PC

Hokko Life is currently in development but set to launch this year.

More and more developers are bringing their titles to the PC marketplace. Halo and Gears of War are finally available on Steam, and even Spyro has made the move over to PC with the Spyro Reignited Trilogy. That’s Sony and Microsoft accounted for, but what about Nintendo?

If you want to play a Fire Emblem title on PC, for example, chances are it’ll be one of the older ones, and you’ll have to use an emulator. Luckily, there are devs out there bringing Nintendo’s titles to PC…sort of. I’m talking about games like Temtem and the recently announced Hokko Life.

I’m not going to mince words – Hokko Life is, much like Temtem, a carbon copy of the game it’s based on. It’s impossible to look at Hokko Life and not think Animal Crossing unless you’ve never played an Animal Crossing game. None of that is bad, by the way. I’ve wanted to play an Animal Crossing title on PC for so long and the opportunity is (sort of) finally here.

Hokko Life is everything you’d expect out of an Animal Crossing title. You live in a small town with adorable animal villagers and build a home that you can outfit with cozy furniture. The game’s staples are present too – fishing is almost identical to what you’d find in Animal Crossing, you can chop down trees, and also garden. There is one notable difference however in that you can customize furniture freely. The game’s trailer shows a couch being rotated before cushions are placed onto it by the player.

Hokko Life is currently in development and is set to be released this year in early access. So far, there isn’t any other information on the game, but it can be added to your Steam wishlist here.

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