First Look at Hornet DLC for Hollow Knight Arrives this Thursday

First Look at Hornet DLC for Hollow Knight Arrives this Thursday

Team Cherry is gearing up to show off the latest DLC for Hollow Knight later this week.

It’s 2019 and Team Cherry is still hard at work adding more content to the critically-acclaimed Metroidvania Hollow Knight. The game’s next update, which will see Hornet become a playable character, is scheduled to arrive at some point down the road and now, Team Cherry has revealed when we’ll finally get our first look at the new content.

Today over on Twitter, Team Cherry announced that the first look at the Hornet DLC for Hollow Knight will be arriving later this week on February 14, also known as Valentine’s Day. No other specific information was given, but you’d have to imagine what they’ll opt to show will be a trailer or video of some sort.

What’s interesting about this announcement is that it comes in a time where rumors or a potential new Nintendo Direct have been running rampant. Some Nintendo fans seem to think that we could be receiving a new Direct this week, and the potential reveal of this Hollow Knight DLC could add some credibility to those guesses.

For those who don’t remember, Team Cherry last year released Hollow Knight on Switch live during Nintendo’s E3 presentation. The relationship with Nintendo and Team Cherry seems to already be in place, so perhaps this first reveal could occur during a potential Direct on Thursday. Team Cherry didn’t specify where or when this Hornet DLC would be revealed, so it is in play after all.

Then again, this is just total conjecture on my part and Team Cherry could opt to do something as simple as upload a new blog post to its website to formally show off the first look at this Hornet DLC. It’s hard to know for certain.

Regardless of what happens, the fact that we’re still getting Hollow Knight DLC so far after the game’s original launch is a net positive for everyone. I’m excited to see more of Hornet and learn how she plays. We’ll follow up with you on Thursday once this reveal takes place.

Hollow Knight is out now on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.