Hollow Knight Piano Collections is Available Now to Pre-Purchase

Arranged by David Peacock and performed by Augustine Mayuga, Hollow Knight Piano Collections features reinterpretations of select songs from the game

November 25, 2019

Have you found yourself listening to the Hollow Knight soundtrack thinking, “You know what would be awesome? If all the orchestral parts of this music were stripped out and arranged solely for piano.” If you have, I have some very good news for you. Hollow Knight Piano Collections features piano arrangements of a selection of the game’s score.

In a collaboration with Materia Collective and Team Cherry, Hollow Knight Piano Collections is an album with 15 tracks from the Hollow Knight Original Soundtrack. Originally composed by Christopher Larkin, this selection is arranged by David Peacock and performed by Augustine Mayuga entirely on piano. While they aren’t exact recreations of the songs, they are faithful reinterpretations that do sound quite lovely. That is if the one track I heard is indicative of the entire product. Here is the full tracklist:

  1. Dirtmouth
  2. Crossroads
  3. Greenpath
  4. Hornet
  5. Reflection
  6. Mantis Lords
  7. City of Tears
  8. Resting Grounds
  9. Dung Defender
  10. Queen’s Gardens
  11. White Palace
  12. Sealed Vessel
  13. Radiance
  14. Hollow Knight
  15. Grimm Troupe.

In the press release, Peacock discussed his goal for Hollow Knight Piano Collections. “My goal was to put together a selection of arrangements that both compliment the original material, and are expanded upon by the qualities and aesthetic of the piano performance,” says Peacock. “Enter the world of the Hallownest as conveyed by my pianistic reinterpretation of Christopher Larkin’s brilliant score.

Hollow Knight Piano Collections is available both physically and digitally through multiple storefronts. If you just want a digital version, there are a variety of ways to listen to the album. It will be streamable on Apple Music, Pandora, and Tidal services. It is available to purchase digitally on Bandcamp, the iTunes Store, and Amazon Music.

If you want a physical version of the album, there are a couple of options available on Bandcamp. For $19, you can get the CD version which comes in a “pristine-quality limited-edition 1 disc, 6-panel digipack.” If you’re a collector of vinyl, there is a Deluxe 2xLP Vinyl Edition that will set you back $39. It includes 180-gram black and clear color-in-color discs and a 24-page art booklet. Pre-purchasing any of these versions will also include the digital version with one of the tracks available now.

If you are a talented pianist, you can also buy the sheet music for Hollow Knight Piano Collections. There is both a physical version, which costs $25, and a digital version, which costs $15. It should be noted that the sheet music does not come with the actual music. You will still need to purchase the album if you want to listen to it.

Hollow Knight Piano Collections is available to pre-purchase now, with an official release of November 28. Hollow Knight is available now for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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