Hollow Knight Developers Give Update on Switch Version and Release Date

Hollow Knight Developers Give Update on Switch Version and Release Date

Team Cherry has provided an update on the porting process of Hollow Knight to Switch, while also releasing a new update via public beta today on PC.

Team Cherry promised earlier in the week that their popular Metroidvania title Hollow Knight would receive further details on the Switch version of the game as well as more details regarding its release. This morning, they followed through on that promise.

The devs revealed that they are still hard at work on the Switch version of Hollow Knight in tandem with some of the team from Shark Jump. They said that their goal with this version of Hollow Knight was to reach a steady 60fps, which they said they have finally achieved over the past month.

As for the release date of Hollow Knight on Switch, Team Cherry says they still unwilling to commit to a specific launch window. Currently, they are continuing to iron out many of the bugs that have come about since porting the game over and are currently working to just make sure that the list of issues continues to shrink. Team Cherry promised though that they’re getting ever closer to a release date and will announce a specific day once they are certain that they can hit it.

In addition to more details on the Switch version of Hollow Knight, Team Cherry announced that a new update for the current PC version of the game is now available in public beta. The developers are calling this update Lifeblood and reveal that it will make a variety of changes to the core game, while also adding some new content such as a new boss, a new music track, and a litany of other extras. This update will already be included in the Switch version of the game whenever it releases.

All in all, it seems like the process of porting Hollow Knight to Switch is going swimmingly. As someone who has yet to play the game myself, I’m going to continue waiting eagerly for the game to come to Nintendo’s console. If you just can’t wait any longer for Hollow Knight on the Switch, then you can always go play it right now on PC or Mac.