Hollow Rhyme Gets New Gameplay Videos

Hollow Rhyme Gets New Gameplay Videos

Hollow Rhyme has received three new, albeit incredibly short, gameplay videos,

Today developer Circus Horse unveiled some brand new gameplay footage for its upcoming game Hollow Ryme. 

While three new videos were released, each one is extremely short, and only offer a quick glimpse at the game. The first gives us a look at a classroom, the second shows us what appears to be a kitchen, while the final one shows us a decrepit hallway. You can check them all out at the end of the article.

Hollow Ryme is a 2D adventure horror game, where players will need to escape the night. The game’s narrative will not be told directly, and will instead be up to the player to put together. During the course of the game players will need master a couple of different gameplay mechanics, including managing your breath, and hiding from pursuers.

Hollow Ryme was a part of Steam’s Greenlight Program, and was approved back in January. Back in December, an announcement trailer for the game was released, which showed off some of the first gameplay for the title.

Hollow Ryme is set to to be told through three different episodes, however, none of the episodes have release dates. The game is set to be released exclusively on PC.