Hollywood Hulk Hogan and The Rock are Friends in WWE 2K14

Make your inner nine year old happy. 2k Sports goes back in time by showing off some new screenshots and character art for WWE 2K14. 

I’m always stoked to see Andre the Giant being bodyslammed by the Hulkster in any way, shape or form. We saw a while back that Ultimate Warrior was also going to be WWE 2K14 via  pre-order DLC.

No word on whether Golddust or the Bushwhackers will be in the game or not. A boy can dream.

Nostalgic wrestling fans will feel right at home on October 29 on Xbox 360 and PS3.

Jorge Jimenez

Raised under the tutelage of Sonic the Hedgehog and the Gunstars. Jorge came from an age where protagonists never spoke and instruction manuals were over 50 pages long. When Jorge isn't writing about some obscure indie game, he spends his day talking about videogames regardless if anyone is listening or not. Jorge one day dreams of voicing a random npc your main character bumps into and punches in the face.

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