Hololive ID Gen 3 Vestia Zeta, Kaela Kovalskia, Kobo Kanaeru Debut

Hololive ID unleashes three more VTubers

March 24, 2022

Cover revealed on March 24, 2022 JST, three new talents joining Hololive ID, forming Gen 3 of Hololive Indonesia: Vestia Zeta, Kaela Kovalskia, and Kobo Kanaeru – Here’s everything we know on these new VTubers including the dates and time for their debut streams, their profiles, and their mama (character designers).

Vestia Zeta the secret agent

Vestia Zeta is the mysterious 7th recruit of The Secret Archive Unit that has a full license to collect virtual data.

Despite her being a promising rookie, who is also known as codename V.7, she turns clumsy when things are not going exactly according to the manual.

It was initially a lonely mission to infiltrate the virtual world, but now she had found comfort here. Will this mission end up leading her to a new destiny instead…?

  • Vestia Zeta Height: 155 cm
  • Vestia Zeta Birthday: November 7

Vestia Zeta is described as a Secret Agent but who supposedly can’t keep up with the secret part quite much because of her clumsiness. Follow her on Twitter and YouTube.


The mama of Vestia Zeta is Arutera, an artist with a distinct art style who regularly does celebratory and anniversary illustrations for popular gacha games like FGO, Blue Archive, or Arknights.


Kaela Kovalskia the blacksmith

After taking over her great blacksmithing teacher’s forge, she felt a lack of excitement in her life.📷

So, she decided to be free and depart on a journey to find rare smithing materials, one of which was rumored to be under the building of a certain idol group in town.

She also loves challenging herself and has a peculiar taste when it comes to foods!

  • Kaela Kovalskia Height: 173 cm
  • Kaela Kovalskia Birthday: August 30

Kaela is the cool member of the group, with ambitions of steel. Check out her first tweet below and her youtube.

Suzuhito Yasuda

The mama artist of Kaela Kovalskia is Suzuhito Yasuda alias Suzupin, the mangaka of the excellent long-running shonen manga series Yozakura Quartet. Yasuda is also the character designer of SMT Devil Survivor, Digimon Cyber Sleuth, Danmachi, Durarara, and the first seasons of Gundam Build Fighters. He also did some artwork for Laevatein in Fire Emblem Heroes. He’s an incredible artist, who regularly gives his characters a distinct smug expression.

Suzuhito Yasuda is a hugely popular artist and Cover is striking big by whipping out a VTuber with his chara design. As a fan of Suzupin fan for over 15 years, I can also tell you he has a china dress fetish, and if it wasn’t in her original setting and instructions from Cover, then he’s definitely the reason why Kaela Kovalskia wears one.

Kobo Kanaeru the rain shaman

A carefree girl who lives in the topmost room of a lighthouse, she is actually the bloodline of the strongest rain shaman in the area. She has great potential to control rain, but she does not like to do it as a task.

In order to win back her Rain Master title, she needs to prove to her family that she can keep their rain shaman service afloat. Not only does she have to train daily, but she also needs to adopt some sort of virtual marketing strategy to succeed!

  • Kobo Kanaeru Height: 150 cm
  • Kobo Kanaeru Birthday: December 12

Kobo seems like the most seiso and timid out of the three members of Hololive ID, but only time and their debut streams will tell how they’re really like. Her Youtube is up too.


The mama artist of Kobo Kanaeru is Ponkan⑧, the character designer of anime series Shirobako, and the illustrator and original character designer of the light novel and anime My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected.

Hololive ID Gen 3 Debut streams schedule

  • Vestia Zeta will debut on March 25, 2022, at 10 PM JST/ 8 AM EST
  • Kaela Kovalskia debuts on March 26 at 10 PM JST / 8 AM EST
  • Kobo Kanaeru debuts on March 27 at 10 PM JST / 8 AM EST

Overall the fact that they each have their own profession seems like an interesting twist. Yasuda Suzuhito is one of my favorite artists of all time so I’ll check for sure the debut stream of Kaela Kovalskia at the very least. What are your thoughts on these three new talents? Tell me in the comments below!

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