Hololive Schedule September 13 to 20, HoloMyth, Council Stream List

Tales of Arise, Deathloop are among the games Hololive VTubers will be playing this week alongside the Minecraft and Undertale classics.

By Iyane Agossah

September 13, 2021

Another week awaits us with new content from our favorite VTubers at Hololive – here’s the weekly schedule for his week (September 13 to 20) revealed so far alongside links and content info for each stream.

If you’re still unfamiliar with Hololive, it’s together with Nijisanji one of the biggest agency managing Virtual YouTuber talents. You have the original HOlolive with Japanese VTubers such as the graduated Kiryu Coco, Hololive EN with its two generaions Holomyth and The Council, Hololive Indonesia, and HoloStars with male talent.

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Deathloop | PlayStation Showcase 2021 Story Trailer

Deathloop | PlayStation Showcase 2021 Story Trailer

Hololive VTubers stream schedule weeek of September 13-20 2021

Keep in mind all times listed below are in EST. You can check the Hololive schedule here for other time zones.

September 13 22:00 – (HololiveEN Council) Mumei, Fauna collab stream on Minecraft

September 14 01:00 – (HololiveID) Pavolia Reine reading her birthday special Superchats.

September 14 04:00 – (Hololive) Momosuzu Nene latest superchat messages stream.

September 14 05:00 – (Hololive) Uruha Rushia will try out the Genocide route in Undertale.

September 14 06:00 – (Hololive) Amane Kanata, random stream with nothing in particular planned.

September 14 07:00 – (Holostars) Singing stream with Astel, Kanade Izuru, Rikka and Kageyama Shien.

September 14 07:30 – (HololiveID) Kureiji Ollie playing Tanks Wrecks and Races on Core. (If you’re unfamiliar with Core, it’s a game making engine similar to Roblox).

September 14 08:00 – (HololiveID) Collab quiz stream with Kureiji Ollie, Ayunda Risu, Moona Hoshinova, Airani Iofifteen, Anya Melfissa, and Pavolia Reine. The quiz will focus on the Indonesian language and culture. Will last around one hour.

September 14 09:00 – (HololiveID) Ayunda Risu playing Tales of Arise for the first time. With Takanashi Kiara being the offiicial VTuber ambassador of the JRPG, more and more Hololive talent will be playing Tales of Arise these next few days.

September 14 09:00 – (Hololive) Shishiro Botan playing Deathloop at launch.

September 14 10:00 – (Hololive) Sakura Miko, nothing in particular planned but she should share stories on what she did on her day off.

September 14 10:00 – (HololiveEN) Takanashi Kiara will be finishing her The Legend of Zelda Skyyward Sword HD run. She’ll fight the final boss and read the latest Superchats she received.

You definitely don’t want to miss this stream if you simp her. It’s her first time playing the game so she might have trouble finding the right strategy at first. Backseating is generally fine on her streams but don’t actually spoil anything.

That’s all the streams planned this week for now with Hololive. A few reminders, keep in mind it’s fine to focus on your favorites. And there’s no point in beating yourself up if you miss watching a stream live, there’s always next time. Lastly, If you’re discovering new talents, be sure to read their chat specific rules.

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