Homefront Experiences Nightmarish Post Patch Problems

By Kyle Durant

March 21, 2011

Kaos Studios is showing diligent work to cater to Homefront‘s online problems. The proof was the very first patch (1.01) they released days after release to fix freezing and connection issues. The only problem was hours after the patch released…some of the worst things that could ever happen to a game’s multiplayer occurred. It certainly didn’t help the Homefront‘s technical support forum either. Hit read more to see if you’re part of the crowd.

Over hundreds of users are reporting multiple problems that could very well cause an uproar the likes we’ve never seen before…ok…maybe that was a little over dramatic. But gamers are experiencing game breaking issues such as ranks & stats getting reset, unlocked items getting re-locked, XP loss, constant in-game freezing, trophies/achievements being lost, and not being able to join a matchmaking game. As you can expect, more than a handful of people are vowing to abandon the multiplayer on Homefront if these problems aren’t reset to their proper values.

Each forum topic made turns into a laundry list of problems. Kaos Studios has said they are working around the clock to fix the issues but have given no word on when we can see a fix or if these problems will be restored or just patched so it doesn’t happen again. Quite a few gamers are rather peeved at this manner of feedback as their level 50 has turned back into level one. The possibility of not getting their rank restored has lead a few to state, “If this isn’t fixed by Tuesday, I’m selling the game for Crysis 2.” That is something no developer wants to here. Check out the entire fiasco here.

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