Homefront Iron Man Trophy Guide (+ 2 Secret Trophies)

By Kyle Durant

March 22, 2011

As fellow staff and readers may know, I tend to be a bit of trophy whore from time to time…whom I kidding…I try to get all the trophies in every game I play. So I decided why not help our beloved readers with their trophy problems. This new series of articles, by GOODKyle, will be in two parts. What you will see in this article today and what you will see very soon where I take readers’ trophy requests. This article will feature Homefront’s Iron Man trophies. (Check the bottom of the article for two hidden trophies and be sure to check out our Homefront review very soon.)

There are seven different Iron Man trophies; one for each level in the campaign. The requirement for each one is…you cannot die or restart from a checkpoint in a level. Though this sounds easy it can be difficult as there are scripted events, things that kill you in one shot, and if you are not behind cover while an enemy open fires…it is likely you will die (even on easy difficulty). I will attempt to help fellow Homefront gamers earn these trophies in the easiest way possible.

The Basics: It will be significantly easier to do this once you beat the campaign on your own accord as you don’t have a chapter select option until you do. Trying to get these trophies on your first playthrough will basically mean you can’t die at all. Once you have the chapter select option, make sure to change the game difficultly to easy from the main menu (you can play on whatever difficultly you like but this will be the easiest way possible), and choose the level you want to play on. It doesn’t matter what order you complete the levels as long as you do them all. However, if you essentially die you will have to quit the game and restart the level over all the way from the beginning. There will be breaks in the gameplay within this guide. It is because the portions that were skipped are so easy that it’s nearly impossible to die if you follow game instructions.

Iron Man – Why We Fight: This can be the most strenuous level because if you die, you’ll have to sit through ten minutes of “unskippable cutscenes”. Boot up the level and simply follow the game’s instructions until your door is busted open. After being thrown down the stairs, the next five minutes don’t require you to push or touch anything on the controller. When Connor’s and Riana’s bus collides with the one you are on, follow their instructions and enter the White Castle’s back room. Wait for them to open the door and follow. The two enemies that will appear should be easy enough to take down and continue following your rescuers. Simply use standard shooter tactics (shoot in bursts, use cover, don’t go into open when low on health) until you reach the building with a gas station in front of it.

When you get to this point, three enemies will charge into the building as soon as enter the room. Quickly pick them off and hang behind cover to the left of the entrance door. From here just poke out and shoot a few enemies repeatedly until the gas station explodes. Upon reaching the part where Connor says, “machine gun top floor” take out everyone you see and once everyone is down quickly head to the left as if facing the house. (Be advised an occasional enemy can sneak back here but two bursts from a gun will put him down.) Follow the path to the ladder and you’ll realize you dodged an incoming tank. Again, follow your teammate’s instructions and you should do fine.

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Finally, you’ll get to the part where you meet Boone and the KPA’s arrive. Boone will tell you to enter a house and once you enter it walk straight ahead and stay in this corner. Stay in this position and watch out for any soldiers that try to come in the window and the now barricaded door. After that is done you’ll eventually come to the part where you have to use Goliath. Follow the instructions given to you and destroy all the targets. BE SURE TO STAY BEHIND COVER AT ALL TIMES WHEN DOING THIS. As soon as you go outside to get the out of reach targets, don’t stray ahead of the blue car with tarp, hung with poles, over it. Have a ready finger to fire your primary gun if an enemy nears your position.

Iron Man – Freedom: You won’t need any advice until you reach the second sentry tower. Just perform basic shooter tactics and follow teammate instructions and you’ll manage. Once you reach the part where Hopper says, “You call this lightly guarded” take out the four enemies before you. Around the left corner will be a handful of goons and a sentry tower. Just use cover wisely as you make your way up the street shooting people. Depending on the situation there may be a shooter on top of the building on the right side of the street. Don’t push ahead if you see an enemy in your sights and make sure you kill them. Eventually to your left will be an alleyway leading to the backyard of a house…convene down it. For the rest of the level just perform logical shooting tactics and use cover wisely to avoid sentry towers. Don’t rush or advance if you see an enemy!

Iron Man – Fire Sale: This will probably be the hardest chapter to beat without dying. There are scripted events and many one hit kill occurrences that will make you go “What are the odds!?” Luckily, I found all the tricks to beat this level in one try! Play the level (smartly) until you get to the part where you fall out of the tower with Connor and Rianna. When you get up, immediately look to the top right corner of the tiger-direct.com roof and take out the EMP gunner. From here find any kind of cover and have fun wrecking enemies with Goliath. Take out any EMP gunners that appear on the same building’s roof and continue to blow up the enemy until you destroy the enemy armor. DON’T PUSH TOO FAR AHEAD OR THE ENEMY WILL FLANK YOU.

You are now ordered to regroup at Goliath. Once you arrive at the vehicle’s rear, stay put! An attack helicopter will appear and launch missiles on the Goliath’s location which is now yards in front of you. IF YOU FOLLOW GOLIATH YOU WILL DIE BY THE HELICOPTER’S MISSLES. Once the missile barrage is over, move forward so you are on Goliath’s left side with its trigger ready. The heli will come around and fire a few missiles well above Goliath; (and if you are in the position that I told you) the missiles will be well above you too. Take down the chopper with Goliath’s missiles and you should see a tower north-west of your current location. Climb up the first set of stairs, stay in place, use the railing wall as cover, and simply repeat what you did in front of the tiger-direct.com store.

You’ll come to a point, after you’ve crawled through a hole, where Connor and Rianna are arguing over the fate of the troops. They’ll then force a door open that leads to a warehouse of games, videos, etc. Rush in as quickly as you can and throw a grenade (or shoot) at the yellow barrels in front of one KPA trooper. Kill the two soldiers if they survived the blast and take cover where the yellow barrels (you blew up) were. You should have a whole view of where the enemies will appear or eventually go. If you get hit simply crouch behind the soda machine to regain health. Continue through the entire store CAREFULLY. If you aren’t sure there is an enemy around don’t move! Take your time and kill all enemies before moving throughout the aisles. BE CAREFUL OF THE YELLOW BARRELS THROUGHOUT THE LEVEL. IF THEY BLOW UP AND YOU’RE NEAR THEM, YOU’LL INSTANTLY DIE! Scout out these as well as enemies.

After you tag the truck, make your way through the burning building (be smart and you’ll do fine), and exit the emergency stairwell, ignore Connor’s orders to use Goliath to take out the enemies. Simply wait until the option appears for you to jump and do it as quickly as possible. Once you are on the ground look straight ahead of you and slightly to the left. Rianna and Conner will be sitting on a truck. Sprint towards it immediately and you should reach it before it even moves. Be sure to press square/X once you are near the truck. If you can’t reach the trunk after it takes a second turn…kiss it goodbye and start the level over. Now just use Goliath as instructed.

Iron Man – The Wall: When you come to the part where you are ambushed by KPA (neighborhood cul-de-sac), stick to cover and take out all RPG wielders quickly. Eventually, Goliath will show up and you have to protect it from those RPG users. Take them out asap (they will appear on your HUD) and wreck the ground troops with Goliath. RPG USERS ARE YOUR FIRST PRIORITY. If you do all this while staying behind cover, you’ll have absolutely no problem. The tank is pretty straight forward to defeat. Just make sure you are with everyone else on the left side of the road after you defeat all the enemies. Don’t stray too far from the corner of the house Rianna leads you too and the tank will go down with ease.

As you arrive at the first barricade (toll booth looking structure), take cover and ignore any order given to you. Just pick off as many enemies as you can. When you see only two or three soldiers far from your position, advance to activate the controls. Once you do, don’t push forward but take cover behind the objects (look like big square sandbags) to your right. Take out all enemies until Connor says go into White Castle. After you are finished with the slow-motion scene, run into the room to the right of the open garage door. From here take out all the enemies and designated targets. If hit retract to cover as you have a lot of it. Simply poke out of the room to kill the last RPG user.

When you kill the last target, head back towards the room you were in, go to the roof, and pick up the RPG immediately. That will make Goliath move forward for you to shoot and the mission will be pretty much over from there.

Iron Man – Heartland: This level is pretty easy. For the fight that starts at the beginning of the level…stick to cover and take out the enemies at your own pace. Be sure to kill the RPG wielder near the windmill asap! Once Connor moves forward and says something about regrouping, that means all the enemies are gone and you can move up. Once you’re handed a sniper, just follow instructions and hit your marks. The rest of the firefights that occur should be handled the same way as any other. Stick to cover and be patient with your shots; more so after you’re forced out of the bell tower.

Iron Man – Overwatch: This level is straight forward. Keep thermal vision on (L3), activate missile defeat (X/A button) when the screen says missile warning, use rockets and machine gun fire in a one shot bursts, and stay with the convoy (don’t be too high up in the air either). DON’T GO AHEAD BUT DESTROY ANYTHING THAT IS RED IMMEDIATELY. As long as you follow your teammates instructions this level should be extremely easy. When the attack helicopter arrives, just move back and forth while using a combination of rockets and machine gun fire.

Iron Man – Golden Gate: Once you defeat all the KPA’s after you land (do what you’ve been doing all game to defeat them), you’ll be led to a gate. When you go through it you’ll see a roadblock and to the right a container. Go to the container and to the right of that will be a staircase that leads into a building. Rush to the stairs as quickly as you can and once in the house, throw grenades at the other end of the house where the enemies are. A few more soldiers will enter the doorway; simply open fire upon them. When you exit this building (where you threw the grenades) you’ll see another container and another path leading to another staircase. Get to the stairs and in this building be sure to use cover and take out all enemies quickly. Then take the RPG and destroy the tank.

As you’re making your way up the tower do it slowly. (It is helpful if you keep the RPG you used to destroy the tank with). As usual stick to cover and don’t rush. If you’re not sure there are enemies around…wait a couple seconds to see if they’ll pop out. When you reach the bridge, take out the few enemies in front of you and then destroy this tank (right of the enemies you kill) with the RPG you held on too. If you don’t have the RPG stay away from open areas, take out what enemies you can, and wait for friendly armor to take out the tank.

Throughout the rest of the level you will be pushing forward on the Golden Gate Bridge. Do what you’ve been doing the entire game (use cover wisely, don’t rush, take out all enemies before moving up) until you get blown off the bridge. As soon as you regain yourself rush to the spindle type object on the left. Hide behind it until the chopper disappears and, again, use cover and wits to take out enemies. When the helicopter appears again just keep running as it will miss every shot. Once you climb the ladder…destroy the sentry tower in front of you and kill all enemies quickly. Then destroy the last sentry tower and follow the positions you have to be at as indicted on your HUD. (Check for a sniper rifle on one the square “sandbags” as it can be helpful).

Once the engineer soldiers work on the gate, take cover to the right side of it. When it opens you should have an easy shot at the RPG user in the tower. Kill him and all the other soldiers while utilizing cover AND DON’T RUSH AS USUAL. Once you reach the platform with the AAA’s, climb up the nearby tower and snipe all the targets you can. You will eventually be asked to use a UCAV and you’ll destroy all the vehicular targets with it. Now is the final rush with a vehicle and its turret. Destroy all the enemy vehicles and an enemy Goliath will make an appearance. Constantly fire upon it except when red lights start to flash at your sides. This means Goliath will shoot a missile at you. Simply press X/A to use the missile defeat and null the incoming rockets. Rinse and repeat.

Also as a gift here are two secret Homefront trophies.

Fatal and Tragic – Jump off the Golden Gate Bridge in Chapter 7: Golden Gate (Jump from the bridge when you are underneath it).

Wilhelm’s Nightmare – Knock 10 enemies off of the scaffolding during the helicopter fly-in in Chapter 7: Golden Gate

Be sure to check out our Homefront review very soon!

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