Homefront Multiplayer=No Campers?

By Kyle Durant

March 11, 2011

Kaos Studios, the developer behind Homefront, has recently let CVG become aware of some online action. The most interesting is the fact/opinion spoken from Homefront Multiplayer Level Designer, Erin Daly. “Camping is actually pretty difficult to do, because we have so many different tools to kill you.” Homefront’s multiplayer features Battle Points which consist of reward currencies you can buy vehicles and perks with. So killing a camper with this in-game ability will be as easy as A…B…C.

“What we’ve found is that if there’s a sniper who’s doing pretty well, players will get annoyed by him and want to take him out. So they’ll be able to spend their own Battle Points on, say, a recon drone and mark him or an assault drone to fly over there and try and kill him with. They can even buy an airstrike and specifically target him, because you can guide a missile down right into his position. So internally we’ve found it’s actually pretty challenging to just camp and stay camping for a long time. Camping isn’t really going to be a successful strategy.”

This is absolutely great to hear. Camping, in video games, has long been surrounded with name calling, rage quitting, and lack of skills. If this Battle Points system truly works, that problem may be eradicated all together! Imagine that…a FPS shooter without campers. It’s kind of hard for me personally to imagine that because I can’t say I’ve seen it ever done before. How glorious would it be to have a camping free game? We’ll find out soon when Homefront releases on March 15th for the PS3, 360, and PC.

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