Homefront: The Revolution Gets a Free Trial and PS4 Pro Support; Beyond the Wall DLC Detailed

Homefront: The Revolution Gets a Free Trial and PS4 Pro Support; Beyond the Wall DLC Detailed

Dambuster Studios and Deep Silver announced today that a free trail of Homefront: The Revolution is now available on PS4 and Xbox One, and that they have added PS4 Pro support to the game. They also went into more depth about the game’s Beyond the Wall DLC, which released today.

This free trial version Homefront: The Revolution contains the entire first Red Zone of the game, giving players 4 hours of single player gameplay. The free trial also gives users unlimited access to the title’s Resistance Mode, which is the the games online cooperative mode.

The PS4 Pro patch allows the game to be rendered at 1440p before up-scaling it to 4k for players using a PS4 Pro system. This update also added HDR support, and improves the game’s frame rate.

Beyond The Walls is the final piece of DLC for the game, and it released today for $12.99. The DLC takes place in a brand new environment located in the rural heartlands of Pennsylvania. The developers provided a description of the DLC’s premise, which you can read below:

It begins with the final stronghold of the Resistance, Philadelphia, about to fall to the counter-insurgency might of the KPA. With the second American Revolution seemingly crushed, a glimmer of light appears in the darkness. A NATO agent attempts to contact the Resistance with information that could lead to the end of the nightmarish regime of the KPA. This is your final chance to free America, but will the KPA find you before you get the chance?

Beyond The Walls is free to everyone who owns the Homefront: The Revolution Expansion Pass. You can see some screenshots of the update below:

The developers released a new video detailing everything added in the game’s Spring Update, which you can watch below. Homefront: The Revolution is currently available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.