Homefront: the Revolution Performance Patch Is Now Live; Includes Two New Resistance Maps

A new patch has been released to help resolve Homefront: The Revolution’s performance issues, Dambuster Studios has announced.

The patch aims to provide a “smoother framerate and improved performance throughout the game”, and apparently improves performance by a further 15% on top of earlier patches. There’s also been additional fixes made to the game’s save stall issues, enemy spawns and more.

Boom Patrol and Indy Forever are two new resistance maps that have been included as well.

“The biggest problem players experienced at the launch of Homefront: The Revolution was inconsistent frame rate. We have been working hard to improve this incrementally throughout previous patches, and have now boosted frame rate a further 15% on top of the 25% improvement already achieved in 1.06. This will ensure a much smoother experience for everyone playing across all platforms.

“The team have also been working on another of the bigger issues since we launched, ‘stalls’ that were present when the game is saving. We reduced the number of stalls occurring in previous patches, but the team have spent further work to reduce this event entirely. We are happy to report that this has been greatly reduced from the 5 to 10 seconds originally reported to becoming unnoticeable as you play through the game.”

You can take a brief look at the two new maps down below.

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