Homefront: The Revolution’s Trophy List Goes Live

Homefront: The Revolution’s Trophy List Goes Live

The trophy list for Homefront: The Revolution has appeared two weeks ahead of its launch, on datamining trophy site Exophase. The game has fifty-one trophies total, split between a platinum, two gold, ten silver, and a whopping thirty-eight bronze.

Some of the trophies are your standard fare, broken up between completing missions, reaching certain story beats, capturing strongholds, and turning on some radios.

Homefront: The Revolution will release on May 17, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Check out the full trophy list below:


  • Homefront: The Revolution — Complete all other trophies to unlock.


  • Professor Mayhem — Purchase 4 different active skills across any number of Resistance characters.
  • Home of the brave — Finish the single player campaign on Deathwish difficulty.


  • Flash ah aaaahhh! — Successfully resolve 20 Flashpoints.
  • Land of the free — Finish the single player campaign on any difficulty.
  • Practical Mayhem — Deploy an active skill in a mission, and have at least one other player use the results.
  • Guerrilla Master — Deploy every type of GTK item at least once.
  • Oh a piece of candy! — Distract 20 KPA from their guard posts in yellow zone without being detected.
  • Take me out — Perform 30 takedowns on KPA snipers.
  • The bigger they are… — Kill 20 heavies.
  • Adaptive warfare — Get a kill with every weapon and modification.
  • It’s a trap! — Kill 10 KPA using Resistance traps.
  • Star of the show — Remain in the searchlight of a KPA Airship for 2 minutes without dying.


  • #Winning — Earn a team citation.
  • Minuteman — Earn 10 mission citations.
  • Son of Liberty — Earn 20 individual citations.
  • Peace your pants — Successfully complete a Resistance Mode mission on hard difficulty.
  • Everyone fights, no one quits — Revive 10 downed teammates over any number of Resistance Mode missions.
  • Welcome to the Resistance — Join the Philadelphia resistance movement.
  • Red Dawn — Enter Elmtree Red Zone
  • Hit and run — Escape the ambush at Ned’s Armoury.
  • Peace in our time — Successfully complete a Resistance Mode mission on normal difficulty.
  • Heist of the century — Steal a Goliath from the Shipyard.
  • Peace of cake — Successfully complete a Resistance Mode mission on easy difficulty.
  • Declaration of Independence — Escape the trap at Independence Hall
  • Phased plasma rifle in 40 watt range — Upgrade a weapon to its maximum level.
  • We Can Be Heroes — Incite a revolution at City Hall.
  • Mayhem 101 — Purchase a skill.
  • First-Strike — Capture a Strike Point.
  • Danger Zone! — Create a character for Resistance Mode.
  • This is our town, Nork — Capture all Strike Points.
  • Silent but Deadly — Perform 5 takedowns in a row without being spotted by the KPA.
  • Dear diary… — Collect 10 journals.
  • Fyre Starter — Set a KPA on fire by shooting a gas vent.
  • Robin Hood — Kill a KPA soldier with a crossbow bolt from over 50 meters away.
  • Surprise! — Kill 20 KPA using proximity based GTK items.
  • Striking Back — Capture 30 Strike Points.
  • Part-timer — Complete 5 jobs.
  • There are many like it, but this one is mine — Convert a weapon.
  • Jobsworth — Complete all jobs.
  • Accessorize — Add an attachment to a weapon.
  • Inside Job — Infiltrate a KPA Stronghold and deactivate the valve without being detected.
  • Fighting fire with fire — Kill 100 KPA using hacked drones.
  • Conqueror — Capture all KPA Strongholds.
  • Gogigui — Kill 5 or more KPA with a single Molotov.
  • Riding High — Drive the motorbike 60 meters above sea level.
  • King David — Destroy a Goliath.
  • Can’t stop the signal — Activate 20 HAM radios.
  • Micro Machine — Destroy an armoured car with an RC car bomb.
  • Cooking up a storm — Manufature a GTK item.
  • E Pluribus Unum — Earn 20 team citations.