Hori’s Upcoming PlayStation 4 Controller Onyx Launches Next Week

Hori’s Upcoming PlayStation 4 Controller Onyx Launches Next Week

Sony Interactive Entertainment has unveiled a new PS4 controller, the Hori Onyx, which features Bluetooth connectivity, a bulky frame, and an interesting name.

Last month, a slew of officially licensed PlayStation 4 controllers were announced, which were designed to help PlayStation 4 owners experience new ways of playing. Fortunately today, Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced another controller – the Hori Onyx.

According to the press release, Hori’s latest controller will officially launch on Monday, January 15 at select retailers across the region. Visually, the Onyx controller bears many similarities to Nacon Wired Compact Controller (as well as a standard DualShock 4); however, unlike Nacon’s wired controller, the Hori Onyx offers Bluetooth connectivity.

Additionally, the controller includes a broad grip design a touchpad, dual vibration motors as well as provides asymmetrical joysticks. While this is an interesting third-party controller, the only downside to the product is the fact that it does not include a USB charging cable in the package.

Currently, a price has not been revealed for the product. However, the official release date is only a few short days away. Personally, I enjoy using my 20th Anniversary DualShock 4 controller, but for those looking for another PS4 controller and looking to buy one from a third-party company should strongly consider picking this one up.

For more information on the product check out a few screenshots, showing off the product’s design.