Arcade Racer Horizon Chase Turbo Gets Teaser Trailer, Coming Spring 2018

Arcade Racer Horizon Chase Turbo Gets Teaser Trailer, Coming Spring 2018

High-octane arcade racer Horizon Chase Turbo brings nostalgia back to your consoles in Spring 2018 for both PC and PS4, with more info coming soon.

While the realists of the world are getting lost in racing sims like Forza Motorsport 7 and Gran Turismo Sport, others — like myself — like to nestle down with some unrealistic, action-packed arcade racers. Thankfully developer Aquiris will be filling the market gap, thanks to Horizon Chase Turbo.

Teased at PlayStation Experience 2017 with the trailer below, Horizon Chase Turbo seems like the natural successor of other brightly-colored arcade racing classics like Pole Position. The game comes with the standard features for small arcade racers: split-screen campaign, online Ghost Mode so you can race against best times, and notably 110 tracks with different settings from around the world.

While the Horizon Chase series is new to home consoles, it has been around for a while on mobile phones. Much like Gear.Club UnlimitedHorizon Chase first released on both the iOS App Store and Android’s Google Play Store. In that spot, the title frequently won “Editor’s Choice” and “Best of 2015” mobile awards.

As mentioned above, Horizon Chase Turbo will be coming to PS4 as well as PC — currently targeting a Spring 2018 release date. According to developer Aquiris, further details on game modes and locations will come out in early 2018. With that said, you can fill that time gap by watching the teaser trailer: