Horizon Chase Turbo Demo is Now Available on PS4 and Steam

Horizon Chase Turbo Demo is Now Available on PS4 and Steam

Aquiris Game Studio has released a demo for its arcade racer Horizon Chase Turbo. The title is currently 30% off on Steam until October 23rd.

Aquiros Game Studio has published a free demo of the arcade racer Horizon Chase Turbo on the PlayStation Store and Steam. The demo offers roughly 30 minutes of free content.

The Horizon Chase Turbo demo includes 8 circuits, 3 cars to choose from, a multiplayer mode with split-screen for up to 4 players, and 2 different game modes, World Tour and Tournament. In addition, Aquiros Game Studio has also set a 30% discount for Horizon Chase Turbo on Steam until Tuesday, October 23.

Horizon Chase Turbo should remind many of classic 16-bit racing games that many of us grew up with and have so much nostalgia for. It features moderately retro graphics and local split-screen multiplayer modes just like the good old days.

While some of you might be playing the successful Forza Horizon 4, I might take the rest of my weekend in a different direction. I have been itching to play some arcade racers and this has caught my eye.

Horizon Chase Turbo is currently available for PS4 and PC.