Horizon Forbidden West Developer Teases “Storytelling and Gameplay Possibilities” in Its Dystopian World

Horizon Forbidden West Developer Teases “Storytelling and Gameplay Possibilities” in Its Dystopian World

The studio behind Horizon Zero Dawn shares some details about Horizon Forbidden West's exciting world.

Anyone who has played Horizon Zero Dawn will know how captivating and immersive its gameplay is. Riding through lush environments on top of a Strider whilst user your trusty bow and arrow to bring down a Lancehorn or a Sawtooth is an experience that I have yet to match since I rolled the credits on the game. This time, it looks like we are in for an even bigger thrill with Guerrilla Games’ follow-up to the title, Horizon Forbidden West. Although we don’t know too much about the next game yet, a Guerrilla spokesperson has indulged in a few tidbits regarding the post-apocalyptic world.

Speaking to GamesRadar, a spokesperson for the studio teased about how “excited” the team are for the next Horizon installment and also brushed upon how the studio is elated about players being able to discover gameplay and narrative choices when they get the chance to explore the game with the main protagonist, Aloy. “We’re so excited to spend more time in this world, expanding its lore and continuing Aloy’s journey,” the representative continues. “There are so many gameplay and storytelling possibilities in this universe and we can’t wait to explore them further in Horizon Forbidden West”

One of the most unique areas of gameplay in Horizon Zero Dawn is finding all the ways to take down the many machines that roam its lands which range in difficulty depending on size and, of course, their own weak points. Judging by Forbidden West‘s announcement trailer at PlayStation’s PS5 showcase last year, players are certainly in for more machine chasing that includes a giant robotic turtle appropriately named a Shellsnapper and a gigantic elephant-like machine called a Tremortusk. The spokesperson again gave eager fans a little hint that they are in for an adventure in which “they’ve never seen before” in Horizon Zero Dawn.

“Part of what made the machine combat in Horizon Zero Dawn so satisfying was the puzzle-solving element in each encounter. What is this machine’s attack pattern? What are its weaknesses? Which strategies are most successful? There was the harsh reality of stumbling upon machines that you weren’t quite ready to take on.” the spokesperson said. “Our reveal trailer showed players they can look forward to things they’ve never seen before, but we’d like to leave it at that for now and preserve as much of that satisfaction for players to discover for themselves.”

One of the main clues from the trailer is that players will be able to now explore underwater with the aid of a breathing device which means that not only will the vast lands be exploration playgrounds, but also the depths of the ocean, too. Of course, that means that danger lurks beneath the waves as much as it does on the shore with the return of the crocodile-esque Snapmaws who also now guard hidden underwater locations. There will also be new locations that will see Aloy adventuring through the wild-west of Nevada, Utah, and California.


Thankfully, Guerrilla’s representative didn’t give too much away just yet, but enough to get the excitement juices flowing. Being able to feel and see things for the first time in a game that you never knew were there is so important and I’m very much looking forward to jumping into Aloy’s shoes once more to take on, what looks to be, her boldest and greatest undertaking yet.

Horizon: Forbidden West will launch on the PlayStation 4 alongside the PlayStation 5 version whenever the game releases at some point this year. Hopefully, we won’t have too long to wait to get our hands on it but you can be sure we will see more from Aloy and the machines in the lead-up to its launch.